"The only things you regret are the things you don't do."

Michael Curtiz



Four Seasons Adventures, was created in 1980 as a full travel agency and ever since has been running some of the best hunts in Argentina, making customer satisfaction the core of our business, keeping over 80 % repeating customers.

The company started guiding the most consistent duck and red stag hunts in Argentina, then expanded to dove hunts in Cordoba, Santiago del Estero, Buenos Aires and Entre Rios province. In 2009 we replaced our Cordoba lodge by the new dove lodge in Gualeguaychu, that showed to be the best and more convenient for our guests.

The ownership is shared among the local management team and North American shareholders that where happy customers and decided to invest in the company that successfully hosted them many times.


We want you to enjoy your stay in Argentina as much as you can, we invite you to combine your hunting trip with some tourism, let us help you organize a life time vacation.






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Early morning, after a full breakfast, we drive 5 to 45 min. to the field where the guides will have the blinds set and cases of shells ready. About half hour after daylight, clouds of doves will start swarming all over you. There is no way to describe the dove hunt; you must see it to believe.

The birds will fly all day long, but anyway we take a break for lunch in the field or at the lodge. From April to August, we shoot the feeding paddocks or the flyway between them and the roost. The rest of the year we shoot by the roost all day long. This is the highest volume shooting ever seen; the use of shoulder pads and semiautomatic guns and a loader are highly recommended. The limit is set by the hunter; there are always more birds than you can possibly shoot.



Early in the morning, after a full breakfast, we drive to the hunting area (15 to 45 min.) and wade out to the blinds. The blinds are built of natural reeds and our placed on the shore line making the walks short and easy. The guide spreads the decoys, and at first light you will hear the sounds of ducks and other marsh birds all around you. After shooting three or four boxes, we head back to the lodge, for a snack and a gourmet lunch, with wonderful Argentinean wines. During the afternoon, we hunt ducks until sunset, or we limit out. In some of our lodges we can hunt Perdiz over dogs, doves or Pigeons when you limit out during the morning hunt. Then enjoy some drinks by the fireplace and another outstanding meal before we get ready for the next day.



We hunt twice a day, driving, riding horses, or walking from the lodge to the different spots from where we stalk. This is real stalk hunting and the terrain allows you to spot the animals from far away, and begin to stock. Some areas of the property require that you be in good physical shape to hunt successfully. Others areas are relative easy walking.

“Baguales” lodge, is located in a peninsula, surrounded by a beautiful lake immersed in the most lovely area of Patagonia, with over 8000 acres of woods, mountains and small valleys. The Ñirihuao is a super comfortable tented camp located 30 minutes from the local airport and produces magnificent red stag trophies. The hunter must be ready to take shots from 50 to 200 yards. Every hunter has a guide. After judging the trophy, the guide will determine if it is a shootable animal. It is important that you know that we do not allow lesser/young animals to be taken.



This is “a la carte” hunting. Usually we shoot ducks in the mornings, two or three afternoons for high volume dove and pigeon and while we are on season, one or two afternoons for perdiz. Duck hunting is over decoys, perdiz with pointing dogs and fast shooting for doves and some pigeons.


You will see predominately: Pintail, White Cheeck pintail, Speckled teal, Red Shoveler, Chilean Widgeon, and some Rosie billed pochards, White face & Fulvous tree ducks, Silver teal.

Eared Doves.

Blue & spotted pigeons. Perdiz.